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sugiero que...

#UnPlacerDeLaVidaEs el picante muy picante

¿pero qué demonios es la Psicografía?


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bar free @OccupyInferno

oreja de Judas

JP Clemente

manager virtual | la virgen vampiro

height 180 width 118 ICM 18% (with preparation 10 days) shoes 44 hair silver (no dyes please)

eyes maroon (optional graduated glasses, no contact lenses) better aspect classic

(I´m not worth for footbridge I have but of 18 years I do not like flowers colors naïf please)

marital status single children & pets none linguistic (university title of 1986)

computer experience from 1988 SAP (consultant from 2005 record 5/5 System 06/2009)

typewriter since 1985 XHTML edition CSS

education marketing office

photo video prizes of literary & image 665219224

apartado 271 | 28911 | Leganés JP Clemente since septiembre 2001